The Club’s History

The club was started in the late 50s.

A group of Hams would meet at Bob Drake’s old hunting lodge in Miamisburg. The group would gather to play cards and have a few beers. Their 1 primary Ham activity which was to work Field Day, so the group was mostly composed of HF operators.

In the late 60s Steve joined the club and he was interested in VHF, and soon the club had its second focus and the club became a big VHF contesting club till the club house burned down in the late 70s.

In the old days the club made money by buying surplus cable and connectors from Mendelson’s and re-selling this equipment at the Ham Fest. Drake was also a manufacture of radio equipment so the club was able to borrow all the equipment they needed.

In the late 60s before the fire the group decided to use VHF FM as an local intercom. The first repeater was built out of an old taxi cab radio, which was later replaced by a TR-22 transmitter board and an amp.

This information was gathered from interviews with a few members and may not be 100% accurate. If you have first hand information about the club please contact me at jgerbs@quanexus.com and I will periodically update this site.

Information last updated: October 28, 2007